Is it a sin to eat pork?

In the Old Testament, the prohibition of pork was most often tied to sacrifices. And the Levitical law requires a priest to partake of the animal’s blood during the sacrifice. (The New Testament forbade using animal blood in the sacrificial rites.)

But today’s rules against pork are based on the biblical account. In Genesis 17, God commands Abraham to sacrifice a ram that he has slaughtered. The goat was a part of the sacrifice because God says that the ram was sacrificed to be a sacrifice to God.

The book of Leviticus does not explicitly forbid eating meat, but Leviticus 20:9 says that if a person has food on his hands, “you may not eat it” and Leviticus 21:3 says that if he receives “an offering, you must offer one of your children for a sin offering.” The Old Testament also said it would be a sin even to eat fat, flesh and blood, which are excluded from the prohibition against eating pork, the New Testament says.

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“What we’re seeing is the evolution of a biblical prohibition of pork, which is quite distinct from any of our other dietary restrictions,” notes the American Meat Institute’s P.F. Segerblom.

A person’s diet can be defined as a “diet” or a “lifestyle,” depending on the dietary guidelines. If a person does not practice a specific diet and does not eat meats and other foods deemed to be of high purity, then his or her diet is defined as a “diet.”

“We have to look at each person’s particular set of beliefs about how that food should be consumed,” notes Gifford.

He cites one American study that found that people who had a vegetarian diet were more likely to have fewer medical issues and a lower risk of cancer. Studies show, however, that the more stringent a person’s diet, the more likely he or she is to become ill.

“People think they live a meatless lifestyle, but I think everyone has to make their own decisions about what they eat,” Segerblom says. “We also have to be sensitive to any health concerns that may come up from doing things like eating meat.”

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