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“God is with you” means that the Lord of all will do what is good for you. Jesus taught us that there will never be a time that all will need salvation. If you are ready to follow Jesus in this matter, God is ready to serve you.

How can you know that God loves you? What happens when someone says that the Bible was written by God?

If someone says God does not love you, and that you should love him instead, then that person has not yet been baptized into the Church of the Firstborn Jesus who lives on the earth. I can be happy that he is not in the Church; he may not want to be in it, and he may say that he is not a Christian. But that person has not been baptized. Jesus, when He came into the world, was baptized. He has been a true child of God from the beginning.

How can you know God is with you, especially if you are worried about where to go on Sunday morning?

When one of God’s saints or prophets speaks about God’s love of our people, the love comes across as a sense of safety. “He is with you. He loves you more than you can imagine! He cares about you. He is with you every step of the way, even when you are in difficulties. He takes you into his arms and holds you in His arms, and if you fall, he is there to help you back to your feet!” [Ps. 32:13–14]. In that sense, God has an immediate love for us, even if we don’t have a direct love from Him.

“And if one of you says to his brother, ‘Come closer,’ and his brother goes away, and begins to quarrel, and then his brother comes back and reproaches him, saying, ‘Why did you do that to him?’ But one of you stands by and says to him, ‘Did you see the good pleasure God gave him? He went about all through the town to show himself to everyone in his power'” (Matt. 17:19–21). God cares about us!

Who is the greatest man who ever lived?

The man who wrote the Bible, Jesus, is called “the greatest of all prophets”—and many others have compared him favorably with the prophets themselves! For example, the apostle Paul said that “Jesus would be a greater prophet than Moses. The one who will appear greater in the sight of all

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