What are the major sins in Islam? – Girl Sugar Skulls Tattoo Designs

“Most of the sins that have been attributed to Muhammad in the Middle East are not really sins at all, but instead are ways that Muhammad has been tempted to sin. So the sin of homosexuality, for example, is really an outgrowth of his lusting after women. And some of those who say God condemned homosexuality say, No, because this is something that he has wanted to do, and so he has chosen to change the nature of sexuality. That is a very interesting and very interesting argument that really I don’t think deserves much attention. As for adultery, the only adultery that Muhammad ever committed was when his wife was a virgin, so it’s true that he slept with other women. I’m convinced that he may have had children out of wedlock and that this was a big part of his sexual appetite, but I think that it’s very difficult to say that he was a serial child molester when the whole world is saying he was a serial pedophile, or one of the first pedophiles in history. But when you look at Muhammad’s behavior throughout history and the things that he did, even in Mecca, at least five of the seven mosques that he rebuilt after he was killed have been destroyed. He was so obsessed with the notion of bringing back the sun in Medina, bringing back the Sun, restoring this idea of what God had made about Mecca and Medina and bringing the Islamic civilization back to life in a religious way, that he destroyed those religious buildings, even the largest mosque he repaired after he died. I think that that is one of the real failings of the concept of God as we see it today. When we talk about Muhammad, it’s really a case of man’s lust.”

Aisha was given the choice not to have intercourse with a man. If she stayed married to a man, he would divorce her and demand her to remarry. She chose sex while still married! Isn’t this just evidence that women are made to act selfish and selfishly and that men should be able to have sex with their slaves and slaves. Isn’t it about time that a religious institution that claims to be the guardian of women’s rights and honor and that supposedly values women as human beings, that claims to value equality for women, stops treating them as if they are disposable property?

“What is amazing to me is that I see this discussion as being about sex, which is obviously the primary sin that Muhammad commits. But the issue that I really find really fascinating about this is that it seems like if

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