What are the major sins in Islam? – Path Tattoo

I would like to give a quick list:

* Fasting for 24 hours.

* Buying pork, wine, alcohol, animal sacrifices.

* Fasting during Ramadan.

* Eating food on the day of prayer.

* Hijrah.

* Having a beard.

* Having a wife (pagan is acceptable on Wednesdays).

* Having a wife if you are Muslim, regardless of your beliefs.

* Having an uncle (not a blood relative) who is a Muslim and is married to a Hindu person.

* Having an uncle in your house.

* Hijrah with female relatives, even if they are the sisters of your wife. You may have no brothers or brothers-in-law who are Muslims, even though they are sisters!

* Having a wife and sister as your brothers/sister/mother-in-law.

* Having a female companion and her male companion. This is known as a ghusl.

* Having a wife/husband with a non-Muslim.

* Having a dog when you cannot take one.

That is not all though. There are many more sins in Islam than the ones listed above.

Why am I preaching about Islam?

One reason is to expose the truth that Islam is the false religion. As I have explained many times, the Quran is full of lies. If you wish to know about Mohammed, read the Bible and the Gospels. For more reasons why, I will leave it at that.

Why is Islam the true religion?

There are many different religions in the world that have many different teachings, beliefs and practices. I personally do not believe in any of them. However, the fact that we are taught to take the teachings of Islam as the only correct and correct way to worship Allah (Allah) and live a virtuous life is one of the major reasons that people believe in Islam. The Quran, the word of Allah, explains the religion in detail in over one hundred seven chapters of its Quranic Surahs.

When it comes to our lives, Islam is the only religion that teaches us to lead a good life without harming others. The Muslim family should not have any problems with their children if their children are in line with Islam. For example, a Muslim woman who married a non-Muslim is not required to attend to her obligations for the first six months after

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