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A Native person can get one for free if they have an ID card. I have no ID, my son is born in Mexico but he is a citizen. He has his picture tattooed on his arm. Can he get a tribal tattoo? He is a good kid. Is there a fee? $10. Do you have to be present to get a Tribal tattoo? No not necessarily, but I am an adult and have passed the tattoo.

For more on tribal tattoos visit the tribal tattoo shop at the New River Gorge Outfitters in New River Gorge OR and The Tribes Ties in New River Gorge OR. Native American tattoos can be done at many local Native American tattoo shops or you can purchase them online.

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Before applying your tribal tattoo there are a number of things to consider. There are some benefits and drawbacks to be considered. The tattoo artist will want to work with you to be sure you will be able to get the tribal tattoo you desire. The tattoo artist is not going to create your tribal tattoo unless they feel that it is best for you. Some tribal tattoos are permanent, permanent tribal tattoos are not for every tribal member. You will have to talk to a tribal tattoo artist to decide which tribal tattoo you would like to have and whether or not they would be able to create the tattoo depending on the needs of you and your family and personal desires.

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There are many Native American tribes all across the United States and there are more Native American tribes than just the two you will see listed above. Most of the states have multiple tribal governments and tribal organizations, some of which have no government. There are several tribes, like the Chippewa, Wampanoag, Blackfeet, Pawnee, Cheyenne, Omaha, Sioux, and several others, who all have their own tribal organization. Some tribes in Oregon have incorporated into the state or become local governments but you still have to contact a tribal attorney for help in deciding what local tribal organization to join. Some tribes are non tribal and work with the state or federal government. If the local tribal government or organization would take the legal action to deny your tribal tattoo because it conflicts with their official policy they will not do anything about it. You will have to do your own research in case they were wrong and your tribal member is going to be able to get a tribal tattoo.


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