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In all actuality, flash tattooing is done on our forearms for the express purpose of being super cute. This may sound like a strange reason to do tattoos on your body, but it’s true. We all want to look like our favorite celebrities. So in an attempt to look like those celebrities, we can only choose from a limited number of tattoo style ideas that fit our personalities, personality types, personality and style.

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You see, flash tattoos are actually designed to do three things: “make people stare”, “make people laugh” and “make them love their skin more”, all with one easy-to-read tattoo.

You can wear flash tattoos everywhere that you can think about it (such as the back of your hand, your thigh (or bikini), your backside or even on your thighs). If you need to wear them, just make sure they’re short and long without “too tight”, so that your body stays cool.

You can make a statement in different ways, by choosing to put them on your face before or after your selfie with the celeb who you were going to make “love” to, or you can do it in your underwear.

What are tattoo styles?

We love the idea of “flash tattoos for every skin kind” and “flash tattoos as art for every personality type out there”, but we’re just that excited about the idea of tattooing our face with a cute flash tattoo.

With our favorite celebrity and everyone’s favorite personality types (we like to play one from every category) there are a lot of different types of tattoo ideas you can choose from. Each personality type has their own unique style: funny, creative, unique and sexy!

In a nutshell, the tattoo “flash” consists of a photo of the tattoo artist doing the design (the flash will look super cool when you put it on your face) plus a caption. The caption may say what you’re wearing, who you’re making love to, how much you love it, what the tattoo will look like…and the artist will have fun with the picture!

What can you get with flash tattoos?

We love it when people say something about their tattoo, they’re excited for seeing and reading the name of the person who owns the tattoo…in this case you get your name by tattooing yourself on a woman’s shoulder.

And we love it when people tell us their favorite tattoo designs and where they got them: we love

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