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The Bible doesn’t say you can’t get divorced, but it doesn’t say either you can’t or you can’t.

Does the Bible forbid divorce?

In many ways it doesn’t, but it doesn’t say that either.

Does Scripture speak of divorce in the context of monogamy?

Yes. Leviticus 20:14, 20 and Deuteronomy 23:15 say that a man who divorces his wife and marries another person is considered adultery. When it comes to marriage itself, however, marriage is only between one man and one woman. The Bible doesn’t say divorce is bad in terms of family structure. The Bible also doesn’t say that divorce makes a marriage dysfunctional, it only points out that it can change it.

Is divorce only the preserve of the privileged?

No. In the Old Testament, Israel was a nation that had a lot of wealth (Genesis 10:20-21), meaning that most people had access to property. It’s only in the New Testament that we see divorce as a real issue (I Corinthians 7:15 and I Peter 3:2). Marriage wasn’t a right, it was a privilege. Jesus doesn’t address this, and he also doesn’t say that divorce is the same as divorce. In fact, he is more explicit about the difference between adultery and divorce. He refers to adultery as a sin and not a divorce (Phil. 4:7).

Is divorce always abusive?

Yes. A divorce or separation can be very difficult to cope with, but it’s no reason to abandon your relationship. That’s what God is saying.

Does Jesus talk about divorce in this context?


Is it really the case that men and women are given different roles, so women can have more free time? Do they have different responsibilities and responsibilities that are imposed upon them?

Not necessarily. Paul says that wives were given the right to their husband’s bodies in Genesis 3:16 and that’s what gives wives some liberty. For the same reason, men are given the right to their own bodies and to do with them what they want.

Is divorce a crime?

No. But divorce carries many very serious penalties. When I first heard divorce as a young person in my teens it was very difficult to accept. Many families who divorced had experienced very heavy repercussions in so much as it was not clear for many young people the implications of divorce as a crime

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