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New school tattooing is a new approach to tattooing using a needle and ink. In my new school you can get a huge variety of tattooing solutions on your body. This is a fun way to enjoy the process!

Kurt Cobain: In U.S.A. (1974)

by Joe Hill

The legendary Nirvana frontman once claimed that “The only thing that got me through the darkest times was drugs.” And since he died in 1994, most Nirvana fans have come to understand that Cobain did take drugs.

Cobain and fellow band member James “White Lightning” Kristo were inseparable, spending nearly all their time making music and performing in front of thousands of fans. Cobain and his father also found common ground in their love for the band and a desire to make music. So when it came time to start their own band in 1969, it didn’t happen in just one moment. Cobain and Kristo joined the Grateful Dead as a two-piece, forming their famous lineup in San Rafael, California, with Phil Lesh and Bob Weir on guitar and keyboards. Their name — ironically enough — stood for “Grateful Dead.” Over the next two decades, they played shows all over the world and sold more than 250 million albums. They also had many adventures, including a period in which they were briefly detained in Cuba (they were trying to get to El Salvador) and were held incommunicado for three months at a Los Angeles hotel.

From then on, both Cobain and Kristo worked together. But when they finally formed Kurt Cobain and the Cobain Twins in 1973, they didn’t just play together — they were also married. And the couple, who had a son named Christopher, began making their own films and releasing music together. Although Cobain left Nirvana, he never returned to the Dead and was never one to be one to hide behind a pseudonym. In fact, Cobain was even quoted in interviews as saying that his work had little to do with his love for the Dead, but rather with his need to make money with his band, and because he couldn’t really do other things.

As in many rock bands, Cobain took an active role in the group, helping to set-up its infrastructure, promoting it, writing demos and playing on the band’s first two albums. At the same time, he still worked in a very private fashion. He had a particular fondness for writing songs; he referred to

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