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First of all, it is not a tattoo but an “illustrated” tattoo or a “photographic” tattoo.

Flash tattoos typically are done to a small skin area to reveal a unique tattoo and to draw new readers.

Flash Tattoos are done on the surface of the skin but typically are done with the client’s choice of color and the client also selecting the body art style.

In certain tattoo parlors, flash tattooing also includes a body pen for tattooing the client’s body parts.

Flash Tattoos: Key Takeaway

When it comes to flash tattoos, you must be sure that the tattoo artist is a good tattoo artist…

…and also, that they have a lot of experience working with the client.

If they are not, you could be liable to damages such as injury, pain, loss of income and damages for the damages that the client suffers.

The best way to test a flash tattoo artist is to have a client get the tattoo done by one and have the same flash tattoo done to the client by a different tattoo artist.

You can also test someone else’s flash tattoo before getting their tattoo done to make sure you are getting a good tattoo artist.

Other ways flash tattoos can harm you include:

Being too harsh and painful.

Fraud and false claims made by the client.

The skin being left red and irritated

The tattoos being visible after the client returns from medical treatment.

The skin being burned

Getting the tattoo after the client gets the tattoo in another location

You also can get yourself injured by an artist who does flash tattoos as they often use too big of tattoo needles or make other errors.

That being said, flash tattooing is an affordable and reliable way to display body art and can be used just about anywhere because of the simplicity and lack of skills that you will need to get your tattoo done!

Other Tips To Avoid Flash Tattoos:

Have your flash tattoo artist teach you how to clean ink correctly. You may also find that you need to be with a different tattoo artist for every session.

Never use excessive heat in your flash tattoo because that is how the ink comes off.

You can get off using heat on an open tattoo or when in the heat when you get on it again.

Always use a hot iron or an electric fan on the ink before leaving or getting on your tattoo to

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