What makes a bad tattoo? – Tattoo Designs Small

We think:

• Tattoo artists should be accountable for the tattoos they create, not the company behind it (see: Michael Jackson and David Bowie).

• Tattoos should be clean, but shouldn’t have the “dankness” of a sewer. Tattoos should also have some life.

• Tattoos should have style, but shouldn’t be distracting.

• Tattoos should be unique, but shouldn’t be a parody of anyone or anything.

• Tattoos should be something that people would associate with something on their body (no “W.W.I.L.” — we’re serious).

• Tattoo artists should be well-read.

• Tattoos shouldn’t be a joke.

• Tattoos shouldn’t be sexual.

• Tattoos should be ugly.

• Tattoos shouldn’t be “glamour” based.

We’ve also been told a lot that a “bad” tattoo means:

• You’re a jerk (See: Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, etc.).

• Your tattoos are not good enough or too good (See: Prince, Marilyn Monroe and Taylor Swift).

• Your tattoos would be better off without them (See: Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé, etc.).

• You could change them tomorrow (See: Tom Hanks, Angelina Jolie, etc.).

• You’ve lost your soul (See: The Bauhaus, Tom Waits, etc.).

We think:

• Tattoos should be beautiful.

• Tattoos should be unique, but shouldn’t be embarrassing or gaudy.

• Tattoos should be fun, but aren’t an art form so much as they are a lifestyle choice.

• Tattoos should fit, but don’t need to be the same on each person.
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• Tattoos would make good tattoos if used the only way they’re meant to.

• Tattoos should be unique, but shouldn’t be a distraction or a trend.

• Tattoos don’t have to be pretty or pretty well done (We know tattoos can be painful or painful to behold.)

• Tattoos shouldn’t appear to be pornographic or degrading (See: Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lopez.)

• Tattoos shouldn’t be a symbol of your past (See: The Rolling Stones, Bon Jovi and Marilyn Monroe.)

• Tattoos should be

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