What does the Lotus mean in Buddhism? – Polynesian Tribal Tattoo Designs

The first thing the ancient masters wrote about this mysterious object was how it was to fit into the lives of human beings in the formless space and that of other beings in many other places, so that it was also to be used by them in connection with one’s own body.

This Lotus was called the True Dharma Body (Chang-shih), meaning the supreme body (the True Dharma) of the Buddha, and the Lotus that has the power to liberate mankind (the Lotus-Enlightenment) was also called the Body-of-the-True and the Body-of-the-Enlightened. In later words, the Lotus was considered to consist of the true life of the Buddha, the Dharma and the mind (of the Buddha), together with the true teachings and practices of the Buddha (the Lotus-Buddha). As a result of this association with the Lotus, the Lotus became, for the Buddha, his very own True Dharma Body, the Body-of-the-True and the Body-of-the-Enlightened.

It is also noteworthy that in Chinese Buddhist history the Lotus was identified as a special vehicle of the Buddha himself. Thus Buddhist teachers in pre-Buddhist China believed that the Bodhisattva-mind of the True Dharma Body was hidden within the body in the form of a white lotus leaf.

This was the reason for calling this Lotus by “myriad”, “many”, “many-fold” (jīti) and by a variety of other names.
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Buddhist writings all over the world talk in terms of the Bodhisattva Mind (Bodhicitta, which means “great wisdom” [Bodhi]). The Buddha believed that Bodhisattva Mind arose from the Bodhi-mind (Buddhi-Traputa).

One of the most common names for this Bodhisattva Mind is the “Mind of the True” (Nyingma), and it is said to have been conceived by the Buddha. At one point there was a debate between the Bodhisattva-Mind and Bodhi-Mind, and each held an opinion as to who was the more perfect. The Bodhisattva-Mind was said to be pure (not tainted, and therefore not evil) and to have the ability to be born in the world (so that it would not lead to death), while the Bodhi Mind was “pure” (not tainted and thus

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