What does the swallow tattoo mean? – Tattoo Designs Small Hearts

The swallow tattoo is a very common tattoo because some of you guys have had a swallow tattoo done in your arms. This tattoo means that you’ve been sucked in. What will a swallow tattoo mean for you? Probably a lot of fun (in the moment). The swallow tattoo is a very unique tattoo that is not for everyone. You will probably need a lot of practice time before you can wear this tattoo. Do you like getting sucked in? Then, you might want to check out the swallow tattoo and see if the tattoo is really for you.

What’s on the swallow tattoo?

The swallow tattoo might look like a black-and-white flower. It can be either as big as the tattoo or as small as a palm. Some people call it an eye of a butterfly. Others call it a butterfly flower. Some people even call it a ‘snail’. It’s really not important as to what you decide with the swallow tattoo. You might be in the mood to swallow a whole food (e.g. a whole peanut, banana, or a small apple). It’s really up to you!

You will probably find the swallow tattoo really erotic. That is because the swallow tattoo is almost like having a kiss! That is the reason why this tattoo has a really interesting look.

What is the first step on the swallow tattoo?

The first thing you will notice about this tattoo is the ‘s’ in ‘syllable’. The swallow tattoo is pretty self explanatory. You’ve probably asked yourself: What’s up with that? If you didn’t say it, this tattoo might be a little unclear for you. It’s because it’s a little self explanatory. First of all, it is a swallow (like eating). Secondly, it is an ‘L’ (like a stomach). The swallow (like sucking) is often considered as a part of the ‘lip’ or ‘mouth’. It is sometimes called a ‘grapefruit kiss’. The swallow (like sucking) is also called a ‘grape tongue’.

The swallow tattoo will certainly turn out to be a unique and exciting tattoo for some of you. So, what else you need to know before you start this tattoo?

How does the swallow tattoo look like?

It might be fun to look at the swallow tattoo after getting it, but you might have a lot of fun too as it won’t be the whole time you will wear the swallow tattoo. That’s why you may want to stop by

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