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If you have any questions, please contact the artist.

Will my tattoos be permanent?

If you have a permanent tattoo, it’s yours forever and it will stick to you. Your tattoo artist will be able to modify your tattoo in the future, but you will always be able to use it. If you change your mind and wish to change your tattoo, the artist can do this at anytime. We recommend you send pictures to us for future reference. If you have any questions, please contact the artist.

Why can’t I see my tattoo, just like a tattoo on a photo?

We have built a 3D scan of your tattoo which enables us to scan and create three different-sized 3D drawings from this image. If that image is not compatible with 3D viewing, the tattoo image will not be displayed.

Will I have to pay additional to have my tattoo digitally printed on permanent paper or plastic?

No, you can choose to have a tattoo placed on permanent paper or plastic as well as permanent plastic to make a custom tattoo in your style.

Can I add my own image to a design that has already been finished for you?

No, unless your photo and the actual tattoo are different. In that case, we can create a custom tattoo design and you will be able to choose the design.

Do you have a custom design?

We do have a small amount of custom designs on our website. Just click here to see them: If you have any questions or need help creating a custom tattoo design, please contact us.

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