What is a tattoo design? – Rose Tattoo Designs For Men Red Sneakers

What do you use to create the look of the tattoo?

This is one of the most popular designs for tattoos of the moment. It was created originally by the famous tattoo artist “Hikari” that had started to use it on the new style back then.

What do you need to create it?

Most of the design is made by using colored ink mixed with water or liquid acrylic.

How does it look?

The best way to see its effect is to look at it in an online site like or

What happens when you remove the ink?

First of all, you need to dry your design.

How do you know what shape the tattoo is?

The tattoo artist can easily tell if the design is a triangle or a cube like the one below:

The size of tattoo on a person in the picture is 6mm!

For a better explanation:

Thirteen (13) points (one point is one millimeter and one meter) are found in the square (one point = 1 mm squared). So, the distance a triangle needs is, if you are measuring and counting the distance. Therefore, an 8 meter long triangle that is 4.4 points (one point equals 1 mm) would be approx. 3 cm.

So, if you count the points in the illustration as: 13 points (one point is one millimeter), you would find that the distance from the left corner of the triangle is 4.4 cm.

If you have the time, check the website to get the best and latest pictures.

Where in the world is it?

Tattoo, for me, has become one of the most creative means to express my personality and personality-image at the same time. It also makes sense that it is used for tattoos outside of Russia.

This website allows you to view tattoos in more than 20 other countries and territories.

It allows you to take a look at the designs in their entire dimension in color, pattern and size. It also enables you to download them and apply them in Russia.

Do you remember that time in your past when you spent a little bit of money to get a tattoo that seemed cute and interesting at the time, but later in life, you realized the design was completely wrong

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