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Each character has three basic shapes:

Regular symbols – these are the ones in the glyphs above.

Symbols with non-linear spacing – these are the ones in the glyphs on the left, and on the right.

Symbols not with linear spacing – these are the ones on the right, and on the left.

Why aren’t you using SVG?

The reason is simple. Not all browsers can render SVG.

When a user is browsing the web on a mobile phone or some other device, it is usually just fine to just keep using the regular type, since most of the time the user won’t see them. However, when a user is typing on a desktop like a laptop, there is less visual space for each letter to show up, so it may feel more natural to use a set of glyphs which show up on the right.

For example, if you’re using Firefox or Chrome on PC, with font size set to 18pt, when you hit enter, these are the first two characters you see…

If you want to see the glyph which is on the right, you need to use the glyphs above with font size set to 18pt, so that you don’t just see them once and then move on.

So I want to know what the glyphs look like on the browser’s side…

I don’t!

So, now, instead of trying to draw SVG from some SVG I found online, I have to convert it manually. That isn’t something that’s usually a big problem though, so I don’t want to beat a dead horse.

What if I don’t want to use SVG?

Then you’ll need to take SVG to another website and find something else on your site that has similar font-spacing.

But if you don’t want to use SVG on your site, I have some ideas. My idea is that instead of using a font that I know is a superset of SVG glyphs, maybe you could use a font that is actually an SVG. But what about if you use a font that’s not actually SVG at all, like Georgia, or something?

You could simply draw out the character shapes and then use the glyphs above. You’ll be able to show up to 16 characters on each line with 1×1, and the font may be a superset of SVG.

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