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Japanese style tattoo is a brand new trend created by Japanese people. The tattoos are drawn in the traditional style which is based on Chinese and Japanese concepts. Traditionally, Japanese people have always done tattoos in different ways.

Japanese people have always done tattoos using water-based inks such as black ink, white ink, brown ink and black pigment ink. Japanese people did not usually do black inks since blacks are harmful to the skin.

Japanese people also did tattoos in other ways such as:

Chinese ink, Japanese ink, and Japanese ink with Japanese water-based ink also known in Asia as Japanese ink tattoo is the most popular tattoo style known from Japan.

Japanese people have always used water-based inks.

Japanese people traditionally have always used water-based ink. Japanese people are also known to use traditional ink designs like dragonfly pattern on the face and feet. Japanese people love that the tattoo design looks cool and is beautiful. It gives that newness which looks like a different way.

Japanese people have always done tattoos with the Japanese-style inks.

Japanese people usually do tattoos by hand.

Japanese people did not normally use traditional ink since they consider this to be harmful.

Japanese people have always used water-free inks and this is the most common type of tattoos. Japanese people traditionally have used Japanese-style ink since it looks nice and is not harmful to the skin.

Japanese people usually do not do any traditional tattoo with black ink even today when using water-free ink.

Japanese people usually use black ink when the tattoos are done using black metal ink.

Japanese people usually do tattoos by hand and not using water-free ink. Therefore, when water-free ink is used, the tattoos will look like more mature and better quality than the ones done with traditional ink.

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This is the Japanese style tattoo.

This is the traditional Japanese tattoo and it is a very popular Japanese tattoo style.

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