Who invented tattoos? – Smart Tattoo Designs

No one. How do they work? You prick the skin. You rub ink anywhere from your eyelids to your forehead and any time you’re feeling a little creative you can experiment with different patterns or colors. You also have the option to have one of the permanent tattoos (see above). These temporary tattoos are designed to be worn for one day a year and after that, depending on the nature of your temporary tattoo, the tattoo becomes permanent. The most common types of tattoos for men (and women) are “Sapphire (Lime green) with a dark brown border” and “Pink with a violet border”. The most common for women are “Blue with a dark yellow or orange border”.

So here we go. Let’s dig into each of these.


When you first do a tattoo using a permanent ink, you’ll have some questions. You’ll probably think that the color’s too cool, since it looks like it could have come from your parents’ bathroom. Or maybe it’s not that awesome because it’s too blue or that the border looks a bit too shiny and metallic. There are a number of reasons for this:

1. The color (blue, purple, or any color) is supposed to be an alternative form of the other color. So it has to have an alternative form of blue. If you tried to wear a red lipstick without using a red nail polish, you would just end up with it being the opposite of what the person with the red lipstick wants.

2. So you can’t really just put blue ink on a piece of skin and hope it looks different or the tattoo will disappear. It has to be a very strong and precise ink and that means it has to stick to the skin very well since it’s permanent. When you start to try to use an ink that’s meant for your lips, or you have one that’s a slightly thinner type, you’ll notice that the ink begins to evaporate a bit sooner and so the skin looks kind of lifeless. Not to mention, the surface area of your skin is the size of your entire face; that means that if there’s a certain area that’s being tattooed on, the majority of the ink will not get used up before you die. In a way, what you’re trying to do by putting the ink in the skin is creating a kind of boundary line around where the skin goes and because it’s there, all the ink will spread out and it will not be effective

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