Why are military tattoos called? – Odin Viking Tattoo Designs For Men Arms Anatomy

They all have names that are inked onto their face.

What can I expect?

You’ll most likely receive a tattoo with the name of the organization responsible, the type of tattoo (see more about type), and an overall visual aspect of the person’s military service.

What types of body art will I receive?

Body art is usually pretty general, and will include the name of the group, the color scheme, and/or the overall look that the individual is going for.

If you’re getting a tattoo of a group or organization, then your name is always going to show up. However, if you’re getting a picture with a name of the organization, then the image of the head and the body will be different from the general body art.

Tattoos with a specific name are pretty specific with regards to how they go on your body. If you’re getting a “Army” body art with “Soldier” in the title, you’re not going to want to get a “Warrior” body art for that title.

One thing that we do offer is a custom tattoo, or one-of-a-kind to ensure that your request is a personalized one. Most military tattoo artists can make a unique body art out of any tattoo, simply by choosing and specifying a unique image instead of just writing on your skin.

What if I get a military tattoo and I don’t get one?

It’s unlikely, but not impossible that you may not get one if you aren’t on the right track with their tattoo selection. If you find you’re not getting one that you like, contact us and we will do our best to help you out.

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