Can chewing gum reduce face fat?

When it comes to chewing gum, there has yet to be any convincing evidence that it would help with the appearance of an attractive face. Instead, the research that supports this seems to have primarily focused on chewing gum as a way to get people to take a break from eating and not finish before the day was finished. According to the study “Purchasing time after meals to increase consumption of gum, as a means of helping reduce the consumption of energy over a meal as a whole,” studies show that the researchers gave people in the study some gum and the other people were given a choice. In the group given gum and gum that was purchased from a vending machine, the researchers found that the group that was given gum and gum that was purchased from the vending machine took 5 minutes longer to consume the last meal of the day. After all, they said, gum has the potential to help people to cut down on food. While this isn’t evidence that gum actually helps with an attractive face, it clearly does suggest that gum can provide some benefit in a way that other foods may not.

Is chewing gum helping to lower cholesterol?

There is some evidence that people using gum seem to be less likely to develop high cholesterol than people who don’t use chewing gum. However, according to the study “Cerebral arteries in healthy people as a control for chewing patterns: The role of chewing,” they report that gum use may not help much with reducing cholesterol when compared to other chewing patterns.


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