Can I lose weight by eating eggs only? – Smoothies For Weight Loss Quick

I am in my early 30’s. I have decided to only eat eggs and to not eat cheese, fatty foods, etc. This will also make me lose weight. Do you think I will be able to lose weight and keep up with my weight if I eat only eggs?

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What is the best way to make protein? I have a family of 5, and 2 of the kids will be getting pregnant by Jan 2018. I already put in 8 hours/day of muscle building exercises, and I have seen weight loss. I can not feel the difference it makes that the eggs has helped with my weight loss.

What is the best way to get a proper nutrition for your body? I have my parents pay for my medical bills and I’m about to start to worry about my financial situation until now. I think that I need to stop paying for medical bills at all. I can not afford to lose weight anymore. I do not want to spend 8 hours/day to improve my health. I am trying to think about something which will help me keep health. Any suggestions?

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What are the best ways to gain muscle after your weight loss? I want to get back into shape after losing weight. I have noticed that my muscles are smaller now than they were at the stage of weight loss.

What does pregnancy do to my hormones? How will it affect my hormones? It might be time to tell the doctor in question because it may increase my dose of progesterone or it might increase insulin or it might increase hormones. I will not know anything for sure till it happens to me, although it is a concern, I can tell you that the effects can be quite different from what you expect from hormones. It will help to have some blood work done to see how it is affecting my menstrual cycle. I have had no problems before but I am worried about the change. I want to give the best advice I can to my friends who worry about this or might start to worry, and tell them that it is not important to worry about your body weight. You can not control what your body does or does not do. That is it and only what you do is of concern. My hormones are fine. I would even go as far as not to worry about it. You can trust yourself and go as you intend to go to get and keep your health. Your doctor can look at your hormones and decide if it needs more or fewer doses, or if the levels change. It is not

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