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You are right – some iron pills are designed to help you lose weight. But there may be other factors that help you lose weight that aren’t iron based! For example, other foods (especially gluten free) might be causing you to gain weight. You are also right in that some “stretching” is involved in the Iron pill process.

And yes, yes I said iron based. I know, I am not a doctor. This is not a medical blog. What I am writing is a review, and I encourage readers to do their own research.

The Iron Pill: Myth or Reality

I do not want the iron pills in their current form, and want them to be made from whole foods. I want the same type of pill and weight loss benefits of the herbal iron pills.

Why? The scientific literature does not suggest we should replace the iron we are taking with a pill for more effective weight loss.

But more importantly, I want to know my kids are taking a safe and effective weight loss tool like iron pills. And I don’t want them to think they have to make an alternative diet or use supplements to get the same results if they don’t like them.

I am just as concerned with the other children – especially the ones who are not healthy enough to eat the kind of foods they are supposed to.

So when it comes to the current status of the Iron pill, I cannot trust the clinical trials or the claims made by those who sell iron pills and supplements. Just today, we were told:

“…studies, with the goal of finding evidence-based efficacy, have proven that iron is not effective in preventing obesity and related health challenges, including the cardiovascular, metabolic, renal, endocrine, endocrine system, and cognitive aspects.”

I’m going to look at the claim again:

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“Evidence that ‘iron pill’ works. Research indicates that the best way to stop the weight gain is just stopping eating, and not treating these problems with supplementation — and that is unlikely to happen, given current health care and food system paradigms.”

And finally, I’ll look at a new claim made that seems to not be reviewed properly and is causing a lot of controversy, and look for what other doctors and scientists know that has been said before:

“The more effective interventions are also more expensive.” (source)

All of us in the weight loss and nutrition field will find these claims to be

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