Does sweating burn belly fat?

There is a debate between some medical experts concerning whether sweating actually burns off belly fat.

I have always found it surprising that we all get fat in our belly region.

But in fact sweat was the primary cause of the formation of belly fat.

According to medical experts, this was due to the presence of an enzyme called epidermal growth factor (EGF).

And scientists believe that this was responsible for the build-up of fat cells and then the formation of belly fat.

However, others in the US have found no effect of sweat on belly fat.

So what is the truth of this debate?

As the following articles will prove, sweating causes belly fat and you aren’t sweating if you have only small amounts of sweat on your body.

The body does produce epidermal growth factor though, the exact same way as body fat.

If you sweat a lot, you will produce more and more of this valuable agent of body fat production.

However, if you are sweating normally, the body doesn’t produce such amounts of epidermal growth factor.

This means, that sweating will not cause any amount of fat loss in you.

This applies to all types of sweating, not just sweat in your belly region.

And as long as you don’t sweat more than a minimum of 2-3 hours a day, it doesn’t matter if you sweat all day in your belly region, as long as you don’t sweat the whole day.

The following are examples of the amount of sweat you may have produced during your sleep cycles.

Your stomach and abdomen sweat about 4.2 liters per minute. This includes your inner thighs and inner groin area (about 2.5 liters per minute) and your internal groin area (about 3 liters per minute). Your armpits sweat about 1.4 liters per minute. Your legs sweat about 1.6 liters per minute. Your hands sweat about 3.5 liters per minute. Your feet sweat about 4.2 liters per minute.

The only type of sweating that you should think about is the type from the armpits to the feet. This is the type that you sweat the most.

But you should also be aware that your armpits and heels sweat all the time, so if you are sweating like this you are probably causing problems for your health.

Your entire body is sweating when you