How can I drop 20 pounds fast?

If you’re not a runner, I don’t know if I could be your go to source for weight loss advice. I’m a runner, so I get a lot of advice from the runners in my race events. What I’m interested in is helping someone improve their diet since it isn’t easy to do in a healthy way. Diet isn’t just about eating what you want. It’s about planning for the food that’s there, not just that which you want to have but what you need to stay at the table. If you have friends who are active, make sure you’re doing something to improve your diet. I always start with the basics…make sure you’ve got the carbs you need to run at least five hours in a row and stay in the running realm that you want to be in.

How do I stay healthy? If you know how to plan ahead and stick with good food choices, you can be healthy and have a good race. There are numerous things that you can do to stay healthy as you run. The first is sleep. Even if you’ve found great workouts, a little sleep will keep you in shape (I always start with my training day if I’m on a recovery schedule). The second thing you can do is take a good diet. If you’ve made the commitment to get started with an eating plan, you can continue the program for about two months. I’m not against making an eating plan, but it all has to be done as planned so you have something to work from.

The last thing is getting your nutrition right. You can check out these nutritional calculators and check out my meal planning book. Make sure your nutrition is complete before you start running–everything you eat should be balanced with what you’re running on. I think running needs to be well balanced, so even if you’ve tried out a few running workouts on the bike, you should see if it’s still right for you until getting outside on a pavement course. I’m not against trying a few running workouts, but the first one to see if you can do it well is doing a well defined program that can help to keep you on track.

What has been your favorite race of the year? What is next year? I think my favorite race was World’s Worst Marathon at Lake Placid. The course was well traveled and I’m not very good in a field like that, but the course was flat (just a few miles in). Also, I’ve had a blast running with my daughter and