How can I lose my arm fat?

I have been losing my arm fat and feeling great. I have a friend my age who says it helps to diet, but when you talk about losing fat you use words like “cancel diet”, “lean out’ and all that stuff … But for me there is so much more to it than that. And I’ve come in contact with my body changing as a way of life. What kind of change can you make? A long time ago, my dad was like, “Look man, if you are going to be doing a long career, you need to quit being overweight, I think there’s not enough time in life!”. So a little bit back in the day we did have the kind of rules. But one of the rules was that you can only lose your arm fat. So that’s been taken away. I don’t feel like I’ve lost all of my body fat. My body fat percentage has kept going up. So what I’m seeing now is I still have a lot of fat. What’s been hard for me right now is I didn’t really want to lose my arm fat, but I did want to lose it a little more. And the last six months it’s been getting easier and easier. Is that still the case now? It has gotten easier and easier. Do you still feel like you have to work out? It’s not too hard. There’s been one time when I was still on the treadmill going around with my arm. I did that for like two and a half hours and I was like “Ahhh … It’s not that bad”. How do you get that feeling when you have to work out? One: you do it for your health. It’s always been hard to really do it that hard, even when I was younger, because I was on the treadmill, watching it come up for a long time and I didn’t want to hurt my body, or do too much, that you would probably feel tired out after a week of that. Now I think, hey I don’t want to injure my body, I just want to feel good. I was like, okay well I’m gonna give it a go. I think that’s very easy. I guess I’ve found a way, that’s why I haven’t had a bad injury over the last 6-12 months.

So how did you lose so much muscle? What’s happening? Well I think I have lost a fair amount of what’s left of my muscle mass, maybe a little more than I should