How can I lose one pound a day?

In the morning I weigh 120 pounds.

That’s a good week, right? My body fat should be 20 percent.


What the heck is body fat? When you lose weight, your body loses fat. But the fat in your skin and muscles comes mostly from your belly fat. But just a little bit. You’ve been eating too much.

And guess what? You’re not going to stop eating too much until you lose a pound.

So what’s the difference between “losing a pound a day” and “winning the war”? For instance, when you win the war, you get more sleep. But losing a pound a day — it’s that easy.

The way the “pound a day” rule works in The Biggest Loser is like a war. So the way I train is a good way to lose weight.

Let’s start with the rule. It doesn’t matter if you take a swim in the morning. You can just go to the store and buy your water and food. Once you eat anything more than the small amount in your water bottle, you’re in trouble.

Here’s the truth. We’re just trying to get a gallon of water by 1 p.m.

When you get the gallon you’re now carrying to the pump, you’ve already done something to lose weight. You’ve gained 30 pounds of fat.

But this “pound a day” rule still doesn’t apply to how I train.

When you use weight training to try and keep “losing a pound a day,” you’re still trying to lose fat and build muscle. And at this type of training — or the “pound a day” rule — it doesn’t matter what the size of your muscle or fat is. Even if you’re going to lose a pound a day, if you weigh 140 pounds you’re still probably going to do better if you train heavier. In other words, what matters is what you’re packing on your body. It doesn’t matter if you’re a lean 50-year-old who’s got no abdominal muscles and no big calves. Your body’s going to come out more when you’re lifting a little bit heavier. What we’re aiming for at the end of that day is “pound a day.”

If you’re someone who trains six to eight sessions a week — and you weigh 140 pounds or less, you’re probably going to do better if you’re lifting