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To get started, set your goal goals for the first few weeks to be about 5k calories but can be any weight loss. For example a 5k calorie target would be:

3 meals per day

30 minutes of cardio, such as walking or running

5 times per week or 10 days per week

I will use this guide to assist you with each of your goals. By the end of the guide I will tell you which programs will work best for you.

How do I build muscle during my workouts?

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As you gain muscle, it’s important to build muscle in the same places as you build muscle in the first place. The exercises I will use will work on any area of your body, so you can either build muscle in different places, or use the same muscles at different times during your workouts.

I generally recommend doing body weight exercises and bodyweight weight training to maximize your growth. For example, an 80kg male bodybuilder can use heavy ab work in the week before his physique contest prep phase and the week before that prep phase. It’s important to build muscle at the same places over and over again.

I recommend doing bodyweight squats 2 days a week for at least five weeks. My bodyweight exercises have a maximum load of 6kg. The lower end of the range would involve a 5kg squat bar or more, using a weight that isn’t too heavy. The upper end of the range would be a 4kg squat bar or more.

One of the exercises I will go over is the calf stretch. I like this for building upper body strength, especially in the calf but can be used in most legs as well.

To learn how to do calf stretches, watch this video (or see my bodyweight exercises).

How do I build my calves?

To really build your calves, I recommend doing both leg stretches and hip flexor stretches. If I’m stretching you with my leg wraps, for example, I’m doing hip flexor stretches and calf stretches.

For hip flexor stretches, don’t just stand in front of a mirror with your arms straight out like someone holding a baseball bat. You really want to feel your muscles lengthen under your weight (like a rope stretching), allowing that stretch to occur under the weight of your body.

A few examples to help you visualize my suggestions:

Do a leg stretch like squats and deadlifts with legs straight out in front of

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