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The answer is simple: there are no “best” diets. All weight loss diets work, whether you’re trying to lose one pound a month or the entire year. That’s why it’s important to take a look at the science behind each of the many different weight-loss diets out there. Here are a few good ones.

By the time we get to our final stretch campaign, I think we’ll have a good idea just how much interest there has been. I imagine we’ll have a few hundred backers by the time we hit the $50K stretch goal and that it’ll take about a month before most of everything will be unlocked.

I’m sure some of you have read my previous posts regarding other Kickstarter projects here on RPG Geek, and I’ll reiterate this point: it’s not impossible for a game company like us to make a tabletop RPG based off its own IP.

This isn’t something just any company is willing to do, though – it’s something we want to see happen. To that end, we’ve decided to set up a special backer-only page and Kickstarter program to ensure just that and bring it to a wider audience. I’m happy to announce this as well, as I believe that a special backer page, combined with a special Kickstarter program, will make the project more accessible and interesting for most everyone.

The special Kickstarter program has been set up to ensure backers are treated with respect and professionalism.

I’ve been working with Mike Mearls on the special Kickstarter section for the past week or so, and he’s worked very hard to make sure that each backer will be treated fairly, and that our attention to detail will result in a high quality book. (I should add – we don’t want to see our backers get more than what they were expecting. We don’t get that kind of cash on our table.)

So whether you’re a backer or not, all you have to do is click on the link here, go to the special Kickstarter page, and sign up now. The special Kickstarter section is set aside as a safe space to tell our stories and help others who may have the same questions about our characters. I’m sure there are stories worth telling that haven’t even been told, so we’ll be talking about it a lot here.

The big benefit of all of this is that I’ll be able to pay the writers more money to make their stories better (which I hope you do) – so if you want a story

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