What should I eat at dinner to lose weight? – Healthy Weight Loss Per Month

It is not easy to do, no doubt about it, at the best of times. But it depends. Are you on a strict diet? Are you a strict person, or are you a loose person? (See the next question above – what should I eat?) It will depend on your bodyweight, on your current fitness levels, on your personal taste, and on your health history. But here’s what I’ve done: 1. A total of 12 days. My diet included a small amount of fruit juice (10-15g per meal) and a good-quality fat-burning meal to keep my appetite down. I did the same exact schedule with breakfast and lunch. 2. I tried to eat the same amount of total fat during every meal. 3. My diet was designed so that I could stay with my weight through the week. No break-thru. 4. And it worked. I had an almost 30lb weight loss within a few months. At the time, I was a 26-30 year old and I was able to make this progress (on my current diet) even when I had to take time off work because of health issues (diabetes, backache). I know that no diet, no-one-can-do-it, will ever work for me. What worked for me? I’m not certain of what is in a specific food, but I do know that after I started this program I was able to eat the same foods over and over again without feeling hungry so that I was in control of what I was doing, and my hunger was under control as well. This was hard work, but the payoff was worth it.

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What are the main differences between fasting and dieting? Fasting does not make you fat, it makes you fast. The key thing here is that you have to control the food and calorie intake. After all, if it is bad for you, it is your fault; if it does not make you fat, and you have to do it, good for you! Diets do not prevent fat gain – that takes years of work and dedication, not just one week a month. Diets only control your calorie and food intake. Fasting takes time and dedication, but it gives you complete control over how you eat to maintain or lose weight. Fasting (the whole thing) can be done easily and quickly and doesn’t cost any money. It can even be fun – in that you can do it for yourself without your family or friends ever

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