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There’s absolutely no reason why Can Can can’t be in high-end high-end stores. The Can Can team is committed to making Can Can the most attractive can in the world. To achieve this goal, our focus is on developing technology and product innovations. Our focus on making can technology easy to use and efficient for shoppers will help us in bringing Can Can to stores.

What are your plans for the future? (What else can we learn from your successes? Your struggles in a similar or similar case)

In the past Can Can has built a great product, but this project was different because they weren’t looking to make money but, as our team is often reminded, to have cool products. The team worked tirelessly to ensure that their product was as good as possible and that they had the right people to build the product and support the team. We have a lot to learn from them and we’d love to learn what we can to continue the Can Can name. While we do not have a timeline as to when Can Can can return to stores, we’re dedicated to bringing Can Can to the new world of shopping. We’re committed to making this happen and looking forward to sharing our experiences with other women.

Is it hard to imagine Can Can being used at your store?

Yes! We can’t imagine what life would be like if we didn’t think that is our goal. It’s always interesting to realize that Can Can was built by women, by people that were passionate about what they wanted to achieve. They’re passionate about the product. They’re passionate about making it easy to use, and making it convenient for shoppers.

What has the positive reaction been like from consumers who have gone through using Can Can? Is it better than you originally thought it would be? (How does the new Can Can feel to you at the very beginning?)

That reaction has been amazing and there’s been a whole new generation of people who have never worn Can Can before and I really think Can Can has helped them feel connected to women they could be close to. We’ve had lots of good feedback from shoppers, both women and men have shared many wonderful recollections about when they first got Can Can on their feet. We’ve learned so much from the community of people, both new and experienced, and we hope future customers can tell us what they think of Can Can!

Are you worried any Can Can will change too soon? What are you planning when some don’t look to good

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