Can can skirt for girls?

Why should girls be the only ones in this world with a sense of identity? This article will explain why that statement makes no logical sense and will, if possible, debunk its premise without needing to resort to the “you’re wrong” defense. But first, let me give you some quick facts about my own sexuality. I am bisexual, which I am proud of, and a heterosexual girl at heart (and will continue to be, no matter what anyone says) but I admit to a “gay” (read: homosexual) preference. A homosexual can be as strong a homosexual as he or she wants. My “gayness” isn’t something I’m ashamed of. I’m proud of myself for being sexually attracted to men, I enjoy sexual encounters with males, and the male part of me wants to be able to have a relationship with one. Now, let’s assume that a gay girl is as strong as the “gay girl” that you see in the magazines. I do not want to put her in danger of sexual assault just because her desire to take on that label may be somewhat weaker than yours. Let’s say she gets a man’s body, a female body, and she can use it and act like a female with a full body, facial and voice, and with everything a woman should feel at a woman’s body. When you say to a young girl that she’s too weak to fight for herself, tell her that her body is stronger than yours, that she should know she is not weak, and should know that they are fighting with her, not against her. You are saying to a boy, “Look at how strong my boy is, and let him take care of you,” while they are fighting for their lives, and saying that he needs help, and not because you see something in them that makes you want to help protect them. I do not want to make it sound like the girl has to be strong in order to have a sexual identity. I will admit that a woman can be attracted to a man and a man to a woman, as well as some people may identify as both genders as people with varying degrees of sexual orientation. However, the fact remains, that a female cannot be a sexual being with a man. The same goes for a man and a woman. These things only exist in a world where the genders are fixed, a world in which it is easier to be sexually attracted to women than men, and this is a world in which we should all feel empowered enough to be able to live
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