Can you lose belly fat by belly dancing?

That’s an interesting case… In reality in my first dance school class where I was taught what belly dancing was all about I really enjoyed my time. 
If I knew that belly dancing would cause belly fat to accumulate, I didn’t do it. It was very rare that I would get into a class and have so many students at the end of the day, even by that same class I would lose more fat from the belly area than the head. In contrast I never had a class where I would get any people to fall out from belly dancing.
At the end of the day if you lose belly fat you don’t need to do a class for it. You can do it out in the open. So it’s very hard to stop. It’s all about being flexible and not stressing yourself out as your body does it every week and it’s all about how you can continue. There is no need to do any sort of workout or anything. Just to eat as much food as you can. This is all very easy to do and it takes about a week or two. Do whatever you want, go out for a dance or something, but don’t worry about losing a lot of fat. I know a lot of girls that will go into the ocean in order to lose fat but that’s not really a big deal.
That being said the body that gets out of a belly dance class will not lose belly fat. No matter what they do. There just will not.
I know a lot of girls that had a lot of belly fat that went through the dance school classes but eventually got out. A lot of them are doing really well in school. I have a lot of girls now that have no belly fat.
Belly dancing is a great way to get in shape for a day or two. I wouldn’t say that if you go for it you want to lose belly fat. Some people have gained it anyway and some of it is pretty much normal for women the size of women who are going to do belly dancing. 
How much belly dancing should you do over a certain number of weeks?
One class is too many. There is no amount of belly dance class that can take care of belly fat that doesn’t cause it to build up in the first place. But you can take a lot of classes over a week, in fact I believe a month is best.
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I usually give people two classes. The first is the class where you start dancing and the second being the class where you have the