How do I learn a dance routine? – Belly Dancing Veil Face

In any given dance situation, you can learn a whole set of steps by just practising them on the dance floor for a period of time. There are other things that will help along the way, such as learning to perform your moves in various styles (not limited to salsa) or taking classes. However, the more you practice your moves, the more you’ll be able to bring your dancing into your everyday life.

Do you know how much it costs to participate in the competition?

This depends on which company you play for. The cost for each game varies from $30 – $450. You are also allowed to purchase additional pieces of equipment, such as dance mat and pantomime sets. You will need to register your piece first by filling out a registration form and paying the appropriate fee at the box office (you can find the information here:

When can I purchase my prize pack/panther and tiger?

You are allowed to purchase your prizes from our website (we have a great deal available) once the competition has concluded.

Can I take part as an alternate performer or performer on the same show with another company?

You may alternate performances of your own with your own companies, only one show at a time. You should always make the decision whether to take on the show together, regardless of whether it is your favorite. However, you cannot take the show on your own for the purposes of participating as an alternate performer or performer on the same show if you are unable to compete.

What does the Competition cover?

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In all competitions, there is a prize for each company that takes first place within the range of 30-120 contestants.

Do I need a costume, dance shoes/dresses, or a dance instructor to participate?

For the cost of purchasing the prize pack and merchandise, you do not need to have a costume, shoes or dress. However, we do have a dance instructor on staff, so you will need to ask about that before going dancing to find out about how much it will cost us to get you set up, if it will be necessary.

Is there an entry fee?

There is a entry fee payable to Karaoke Dance, which covers all costs associated with the competition.

Is there something extra I need to bring with me?

No, but be prepared to spend some time

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