How do you twerk? – Belly Dancer Painting

“A twerk is a move that involves the hands moving, as shown in the video as the person is doing it.

“To get the timing just right, you want to twerk while getting the rhythm down. Get the timing right and you will get the movement in your hips, and then you want to get the rhythm down.

“That’s just the way I twerk.”

How long does it take to get the timing right?

“I get into the twerking and it is about ten seconds to a minute. You should be pretty quick or you will fall down. I use a twerker’s chair and make sure when I am on the chair, I can twerk as well as I can stand.”

If you are doing twerking in a crowded area can we still have fun and still get a smile on our faces?

“Yes, it’s more fun than walking around in public.

“If you have a few close quarters guys, you guys can have a good time. In a group you can definitely have fun, but you can get distracted and not follow the pace or you can get knocked to the ground too quick.

“In the middle of the twerk, if you are too quick you can actually fall down. I would recommend that those guys not even twerk unless you are with a couple. If you have the chance to twerk in a group, I would definitely not do it.

“I know that I will be in the spotlight for this and it will make people think twice about twerking. That is why I want people to watch it, because it is not something that most people do in the park.

“I would definitely recommend twerking if you want to have fun or people will be talking about you as a twerker in the next couple of years.”

A twerk is a move that can be traced back to the late 19th Century. Which of your videos or Instagram pictures was the inspiration for the twerk?

“I don’t know. My friends probably told me that, but I do know how it started. My friend Mikey did it and it is probably as good of a twerking as I have seen. I don’t think I’ve had a better twerk.”

What are your thoughts on the fact that twerking is not a popular form of exercise?

“It does give you a feeling that

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