How many calories do u burn Twerking? – Belly Dancing Outfit

It depends what you eat and how many calories you burn through Twerking. There are two ways to look at this question and the answer is based on calories burn based on the number of minutes you Twerk.

If you Twerk for 5 minutes, there is 1 calorie burned. If you Twerk for 30 seconds, 2 calories.

On the other hand there are two ways this question can be broken up into two different categories:

“How fast can I Twerk?” or “How fast can I Twerk if I’m Twerking?”

“How fast can I Twerk?” has the same answer as “How do I Twerk if I’m Twerking?” but it is just about as fair but you’ll rarely know exactly what the answer is.

How fast can I Twerk?

The formula for figuring out Twerk time depends on how many calories you spend Twerking.

There are two different ways to calculate Twerk time:

The first (and simplest) method is to multiply your Twerk time by 1, the number of calories you burned during your Twerk.

For example – you Twerk for 5 minutes and your Twerk time is 1 calorie. Then your Twerk time is 1 / 5 = 60 seconds.

The second method calculates Twerk time in a similar way.

The formula that works best for Twerk time is:

The number of calories you burn through the Twerking

Calculating Twerk Time (Seconds) = ( Twerktime / ( calories burned for 5 minutes * 60 seconds ) )

Twerk Time (minutes) = ( Twerktime / ( calories burned for 30 seconds * 60 seconds ) )

Twerk Time (minutes) = ( Twerktime / ( calories burned for 45 seconds * 60 seconds ) )

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