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– I have to admit that I was a little surprised by the lack of backs in the pictures. If you look at the pics of the girls at the bottom of the post you will see a lot of them with backs.

– Also in the pictures I haven’t included many of the girls that are sitting on the table. I didn’t want to give that aspect to the pictures as well. I also edited them for speed and clarity and I didn’t want them to have so much contrast on top of it which was causing a bit of a dark background.

– The whole point of the pic you took is to show you the front and back side views, it isn’t meant to give a bad back. I’m guessing you took the pictures for your own personal use, and not the public ones. I know people like to see them, I don’t, but as a personal preference I like people to see what a beautiful girl with a nice back looks like rather than just the back side.

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The government is set to release legislation in the next few days that would make it harder for parents to stop their children from vaping, a change that would make vaping an increasingly popular way to smoke tobacco cigarettes.

Ahead of the launch of the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act, which is expected in weeks, Public Health Minister Jane Philpott is saying that vaping will be banned in public places by 2018. This would see vaping banned in places like the subway or in parks, where there are already cigarette smoke bans.

As the new law is about to be introduced the Toronto Star reports that Philpott is saying that “all kinds of things” will be banned by 2018 including e-cigarettes and vaping devices. She is also promising that Canada will become the second country

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