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The way religion is taught and practiced in the United Kingdom is not at all religious, at least not most of the time. In fact, for the most part, religion is seen as a very positive aspect of society. However, in some ways it does need to be challenged and the best way to deal with these is by having a discussion about the beliefs that are shared and why and how beliefs are important, and by creating a good environment for children to believe in their own beliefs without having to fear punishment for doing so.

In my church, “Bible Reading,” we would be shown a book. There would be a page of a Bible verse which was read. Then we would have the chance to do a “study session,” where we would try to determine the meaning of that verse in the context of the context of God’s word. Then we would have the Bible verse read back to us by a trained Bible reader. Then we would be able to pray that God might change our hearts so that we will be inspired to pray to Him in a personal way that will make God aware of God’s will through our prayer, and He would help us see in His Word that He knows God and loves us, but we will need His grace to change that. One example of a Bible verse was presented in the study sessions.

In a recent study in a local school there was a verse that is not in the Bible. That was an exciting part of the study, but at the same time there is a lot of pressure on a lot of kids to learn their reading. We needed to be able to see both sides of the argument. One was that it was not necessary to learn it, so why study? On the other hand, if the Bible is full of contradictions, is it really possible to learn it? It seemed to me that there was also a conflict between these two principles.
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So I decided that rather than doing a study session of a verse, maybe we could do something with that verse, whether it’s a verse we feel we can share in the Bible study with others or in some other form, like a question and answer session on the Bible and what we think of it, or what can we do with it. How can we make the verse a source of inspiration and comfort to ourselves and others? How can we make someone else feel a bit more comfortable thinking in their heart that the Bible is a beautiful book because it is true? There is an opportunity to speak to an audience of people to

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