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The University of Kentucky’s new football stadium is being used for a host of events.

The school announced that the school’s new football stadium in Lexington is hosting a number of special events, including the annual Kentucky Derby Parade, a party at the arena and a wedding.

KATU officials said there will be events beginning at 6 p.m. on Saturday and lasting until 1 on Monday, with extra sessions scheduled Saturday.

According to the school’s statement, “The Lexington Avenue Football Stadium, also known as the Varsity, is located in the heart of downtown Lexington and will house approximately 1,500 student-athletes in 2017.”

Among the events the university says it will host at the new stadium:

An annual Kentucky Derby Parade held during the summer (weather permitting)

Event and banquet facilities for the Kentucky Derby Association with approximately 4,500 participants

Event and banquet facilities for the Kentucky Derby Association, the Kentucky YMCA Horse Show and the Kentucky YMCA Water Park

Rehearsal and party venues for the Kentucky Derby Association (about 10,000)

Event and banquet facilities for the Kentucky Derby Association, the Kentucky YMCA Horse Show and the Kentucky YMCA Water Park

“What’s fun is it’s not just the football games,” University of Kentucky associate athletic director Ryan Kinsgus said.

Kinsgus said the sports facilities at the new stadium include a weight room, a strength and conditioning room, a massage room and a workout facility.

Kinsgus said the new stadium also has “an incredible fieldhouse,” which is open to visitors during the event and serves as “the perfect place for student-athletes to get a leg up after practice and play as a team.”

The University confirmed there will be a “family friendly” wedding at the stadium, but that it won’t be open to the public.

“The K-State University Alumni Association is planning to have the venue open to a large crowd of couples and friends as part of special celebrations,” a statement from the association

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