Which country is famous for belly dance?

Country of origin: Spain

Who are the main characters in the film “The Little Mermaid” and why? The villain, Ursula, is a blonde mermaid. She is known for being greedy, arrogant and is very cruel. Ursula is also known for her big heart. She will go to anyone’s rescue and is very protective of her younger sister.

What is the most popular type of bubble bath?

Bubble bath was created because it is not only gentle on the body but also great for healing. These are soothing waters because they can be used for many other ailments as well. We recommend bubble bath with a hot water element to help relax the body.

Do you always see yourself in the mirror or in a swimsuit?

Mostly I don’t think about myself in any clothing but I try to look good. I don’t like the idea of me being like a model because it might lead to getting attention from other people and I’d rather keep my personality rather than just get attention. As a little girl, I was always dressed in short tights and white shorts.

Do you have one pet that you consider the most beautiful?

I have two dogs that are my closest friends. One is a dog named Muddy. The other one is a black leopard named Tiger. They are the same breed and are really cute.

What are some of the most challenging things in your career? What type of work are you most interested in?

I really enjoy the work I do because I get to be in a good role and I don’t have to think about anything. Being in the business is something I love just like being a teacher.

Where do you shop for clothing and what type of store do you like?

We always like to shop at a department store because my mom always shopped there. I also like Nordstrom because they have a high-end clothing section with great designs that we can’t find anywhere online. It’s usually good stuff that you can try on to see what fits well.

Is there anything that makes you really happy in your everyday life?

I am always happy to be involved in a good job. It’s good to work on projects that bring me satisfaction and I always end up being proud of the outcome.

Which foreign language do you speak most often?

I know German; Italian is my second language. I love Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish and Russian.