Who created hip hop?

– How does one create hip hop? One would certainly think they’d want to find inspiration and understanding in the best minds of the world, and I suppose it’s to be expected that the same holds true for hip hop artists, but what about their music? Have we, as a music community, learned anything useful in understanding what a good hip hop rapper really is? Well, at least from the hip hop perspective, I think we’ve mostly made the same mistakes over and over.

I say “moves over” because at a certain point a rapper needs to start to show more of who they are – a true talent and not just an artistic expression. They can’t show too much of this and then just turn into a rapper to satisfy their audience. These are two sides of hip hop: that of the artist and the person they sound like. Sometimes one can achieve both perfectly, and sometimes they can’t.

Hip hop is a genre that takes a lot of creativity and time to express properly. Some genres are able to express perfectly, while others are not. A lot of it comes down to the person who is actually creating those music.

Here is where I would say that I am definitely one of the few “hip hop artists” who is able to express their personal essence through music. I’m not a musician from the future, or even from some other music sub-genre such as R&B or jazz, as I am an old-school rock/punk style that embraces the most authentic aspects of our past (not that I ever got around to trying to be original, but, we’ll come back to that). So in that sense, I’m more of a ‘traditional’ hip hop artist, which is to say that I don’t take inspiration from some other art form. Some of you have even heard of this, but let me just state once more: It’s not exactly how I created my music that I am proud of. It is simply how I express my own style, which is a very rare thing to do.

I’m of the opinion that some rappers actually are less ‘pure’ on what they are trying to do with their music than they seem to think. They really aren’t. I know that many of the rappers I admire are not doing it because of their personality or style. They are just doing it without much thought, and they do it great, but I’m more of the opinion that the most sincere, good, and true hip hop artist are