Why does Shakira belly dance?

I am constantly amazed and humbled by the talent of the young girls that I have met through the beauty of dance. You could say that I am “a little bit of an ambassador for the African art of singing and dancing.” The dance I use in my music is dance with a woman’s tummy and hips and it is very beautiful. It’s a very African instrument and every dancer will remember how it made a great impression on them and they will remember the beauty and grace with which it was performed.

What is the dance of a Shakira?

Most African dancers use three elements – breast shape, hips and head shape. Shakira shows the use of all three. At one moment, she is rocking her hips, then she is balancing her body and her head. She is also moving a great deal with her hands and feet.
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She moves beautifully with both her feet. I love to watch her dance and I see the connection between her face and her body is very obvious. Her lips are like a mirror and she has a great sense of balance.

What are you doing as president of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development?

I am very honored to get elected President of the O.E.C.D. and I am extremely proud of my accomplishments over the past four years. I am happy with the work that we have accomplished and I am pleased with the fact that our organizations are stronger than ever after four years of the leadership that I have displayed with O.E.C.D.

What’s next for the singer?

Shakira will do a few more concerts. I will go to Africa, Brazil and Italy where she will continue to support the artists’ message. She will continue to support many African artists, such as Afrobeat, hip-hop and the dance artform called Bajan. She will also support other African music. Shakira has also been a passionate and tireless advocate for African empowerment.

We will also continue to work with organizations that seek to empower a lot of people around the world. Shakira is doing amazing work to ensure that women and African girls have a fair chance with their opportunities to participate in this world of ours.

Amen to that! And thank you for joining us live!

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