How do I learn to draw realistically? – Draw Race Car Easy

– How do I know you’re honest? – Do you want to do the ‘bad’ drawing too?

The first two questions may sound like they’re a bit of a red herring. That’s because they’re pretty much “How do you know I’m honest?” at this stage in the process anyway. In fact, these are pretty much just self-help questions that will help you decide how you want to proceed.

It’s actually pretty easy to get started with this kind of thing, though. Simply ask questions that you want to explore yourself. In the first two examples, you basically just asked the first question to see how you’d answer the second. They don’t work if your first question isn’t the question you’re going to answer to make progress.

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Next, you can ask a specific question that you are looking to discover things about yourself. Often what you find out is that you know you’re being honest, or at least what you like. When you are asked to draw something, you typically start with the character’s backside just as you would a sketch.

Here’s another way to start: a random question that you think will help you understand yourself better. Something that will help put you into perspective. It might be something like “What is this, like, tattoo I have on my arm that says ‘I Am Here’? What the fuck is that for?”

What you then ask yourself is whether or not you care about that thing. You should care about it in some way. If it’s a tattoo you wouldn’t mind getting (that you wouldn’t mind the rest of the world getting). Or, you maybe have a tattoo you wouldn’t mind getting but would only buy because you’re a collector and love the uniqueness of the design (your own). If it’s just something you don’t mind getting for a price, ask yourself what you would do to get that kind of price for a certain type of tattoo. If you want to get that type of price, you need to find reasons that would justify it. That way, you’re not asking “What am I being honest about?” but “Is what I’m being honest about worth it? Am I getting an honest price for it? Do I have a reason why the price of that thing I’m getting is so damn high that I have to put off getting it for that long?”

Once you have the initial questions down you then need to figure out what kind of questions to start with. Do you

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