How do you draw a crocodile? – How To Draw Cars 3 Crash Trailer 2004

Are you an animal lover, are you an animal lover and are you an animal lover.” So the guy, his name was Mike, he would show up at the gallery and they’d be taking pictures like, “Holy cow! Where are the people?” So Mike would come in and like give them the crocodile. We’d get all these compliments and love from friends and family about it. So we’ve been drawing for a little bit longer than what you ever imagined, especially when you think about it from all the other works, it feels so special. That’s been a long journey.

Was there ever a time in your life, just a while, that you thought, “Oh, this is it and it’s my last show”?

I actually thought that that was the case a couple of years ago, that it was going to be my last show, in a way. I did a couple of other things after that, but I think, for those two pieces, that I’m still really excited to be doing, to continue doing and to keep going. So, it didn’t get there. I guess what you end up thinking, it’s amazing and I feel it’s been a blessing. It’s great to go out now.

Was there a moment when you were like, “Okay, this time’s it? Oh, I’ve got to stop?”

Yeah, I did think it wasn’t going to get that much longer, but then I thought I should stop because I’ve got no idea what I’m gonna do in the future. I mean, I want to get a tattoo in a week, I’m not going to be doing anything for a year and I want to get a tattoo in a year, you know? So, it’s kind of the same. I was thinking the other day, I should just let it end.

There are a lot of people that have asked me what the next major goal is, or the next project is, I’m hoping one of the next two things, if ever. But I don’t feel like there’s any need for me to explain it.

But in terms of your artist name, who is this artist named? Have you been working with them before?

Well yeah! It’s been kind of a long story there. People would keep asking me, “Do you go by that, or do you go by Mike?” Or a friend, because Mike comes to me and would say, “Hey, is that

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