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I dunno. I’m not a good car illustrator. I do draw cars for adults and try and keep it relevant. The car that I did last for the book was a little bit different because I drew it for the character at play. It was a little bit more whimsical and a little bit more cartoony and I was pretty unhappy. It didn’t work out. The character that I drew for the book is more serious and the character in the book is more serious too, and so I was like, “Okay, I just want my car to look cute all the time so we need to do a little more to make it not look like we’re being serious.”

On Friday, New York Giants linebacker Eli Apple told ESPN that he expects to be fined for his actions in the Super Bowl that led to Super Bowl XLII and, in particular, that he feels “like something was said to get the referees to stop the game.” That sounds a little bit like a lawsuit, but it’s not a claim of defamation. Apple’s allegations are that it’s been more than eight months since he posted the controversial Twitter message to which the NFL has been subjecting him and he’s hoping to find out what exactly he’s going to have done wrong. (Yes, those tweets are now gone from Apple’s account; he also deleted his Facebook page.)

The Giants have yet to respond to the complaint, but if the lawsuit turns out to be true, there will certainly be a legal precedent set for other athletes—and fans—after being targeted by angry fans using social media. You can probably guess which players from other major franchises have also been the subject of these types of tweets (NFL Media contributor Michael Silver has detailed his own Twitter abuse, as has ESPN’s Brian Costello).

That’s not to say you should be upset with Apple for the tweet—not at all.

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I think everyone’s on the same page when it comes to free speech. The key is to make those rights available to the broader public. If you want to get an idea of what that feels like, consider the case involving New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and Super Bowl XXXVIII. The team was fined $100,000 for the vulgar “Deflategate” tweet, but the league had to settle with Brady for only $1 million after he was accused of telling a friend that he’d like to play “Deflategate” in a “deflated” game.

And yes, there seems to

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