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How do you draw all the elements in a painting?

Sculpture (Drawing on paper)

There’s a reason that art teachers call it “hands-on”. Drawing on paper, even if just using pen and paper, draws a visual texture and rhythm on the page: the movement of the pen, the brushstroke, the brush position. (For more details, read this article on paper.)

Climbing out the drawing-pad and onto a flat canvas is a powerful way of learning anatomy, from a natural position. You can get a great start by drawing with the eyes closed: you can feel your fingers and paint your hands while you are doing this. Then, when you open your eyes, it’s easier to see how the anatomy of the whole model fits together.

How do you learn how to create a landscape? How do you learn where the sea breaks off and how it runs around corners? How do you learn what angles take a landscape shape? You are not just following the contours of a landscape. Instead, you are creating a physical shape and a physical relationship between it and it’s surroundings. That is where “painting” in this sense really comes from.

Now you know how to use the basic drawing technique. Next step is to understand all of the parts of art form. The more you understand, the more you can develop your drawing skills and take your painting to the next level. You can try to get a feel for what is happening in your hand while you draw, and how you can use this physical presence to shape your drawing.

Once you can use this physical presence to create something, you need to be able to understand and develop your conceptual skills.

The Art of Drawing Techniques

In summary, you start to be able to draw like a painter by understanding all the different drawing techniques and understanding what kind of shape a piece is going to become, and what kind of feeling you have working on it.

This level of understanding of the art form is also great for reading the works of other artists and figuring out how those works fit together into the world of visual arts.

At the highest level of skill, you can draw in anything, in real life and in worlds.

With practice, you will naturally get used to drawing in real life, in landscapes, cities and abstract forms like trees, buildings, and humans, and all the way to full on 3D.

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