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Is it not possible that there are some people who need to have video editors at their desks? I’ve worked in video (yes, I do know this is a misnomer) for about 15 minutes, so I should definitely have my own video editing budget.

For all these reasons, I have decided to have my own personal video editing budget.

Let’s say someone else wants to pay me to edit my video.

For one or two hours, I am not required to be available. So… I will not be “on call” for two hours.

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I will pay that amount for my own time, not my colleagues time. The amount is as low as possible. I will not need to be anywhere else than in the same building as anyone who is paying me. I will not have the room to stay in any hotel as I am out of town. I will not be in any crowded place. The “on call” time is not on the phone, so I can’t leave the house until the video is done. That’s not the point.

Does it need to be perfect? Yes. I will make mistakes because I am not good. But, this time I will make the money back, and I will not get into some situation where I am forced to spend hours editing one video, then another, then another…

Does the same amount of money need to be spent to make good videos? Maybe. Maybe not.

The way the money will be allocated is that I, the editor, will be allocated the budget first. I will ask everyone whether they think the video should be made better or the better. I will be the guy who says yes.

Everyone else will agree with me, and let me know how much money I should do.

Then I will decide in a meeting if I am too busy, too tired, not enough time, not capable. The next time you see me, we will be more efficient. No more meetings and no more editing. It is now about making quality videos, with no exceptions.

This way, the money I make with my time will grow with me. The budget doesn’t grow like most freelancing agencies grow. Instead, because of my video, the budget goes up and down with me. Because I work part time, I don’t have to travel and stay at a high-end hotel. Because I have my own apartment, I don’t have to spend too much time on the computer

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