Do you need math to be a filmmaker? – Canon 7D Filmmaking Tips From Professionals

No. But that’s not the point (at least not right now) I’m concerned with. I’m here to talk about being a filmmaker.

It’s been many years since I quit my job as a copywriter, and it’s been almost as long since I’ve directed a movie. I’m only 32 years old, and I feel that my work isn’t quite good enough when compared to some of the other great films coming out that have just started release.

In some ways, I’ve had a pretty low bar set for me, with a few years of little experience but a lot of promise. It’s not all bad though. I’m still working hard at getting my movies made.

After reading the title of this post, I realize that I have a special interest in creating a documentary film. This seems to be a popular genre. I’m aware that I’m a little different though, in that some people don’t think films “should” be documentaries. I love documentaries. (As you know if you followed me over the last 8–9 years, I’m passionate about film and I love telling stories with my camera) There’s no question that documentaries help us all understand society better. It’s my job to create and share stories about people that we all have a relationship with, and I would argue that the majority of the documentary films out there today come from stories of strangers in a room.

I’ve been fortunate to do work on both sides of that coin (although some of the films have been more documentary-oriented), but I also feel it’s something I can contribute to a bigger cause in films that aren’t necessarily focused on “a particular perspective.”

There are also some people who are trying to create videos from people that they don’t know (for example, to take what the video is trying to say and push it into the public domain or something like that). I understand that it’s hard to take it further and expand on it, or for them just to share it with others. They may have found another way of going about this, if they’re willing to try and push it.

A little over a year ago I started taking people out to have a conversation about the movie ‘Noah’ and the documentary ‘Life Is Beautiful.’ The last thing I’m going do is sit around and watch somebody explain the movie. At night (during the day I’m a movie watcher) my husband and I try to create some kind of short film to share

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