How can I learn filmmaking?

Why don’t I just study it?” And I’ll explain that the most important thing is to understand your role, and then what makes sense for you as a filmmaker. I feel that it’s the most important thing to learn. There are so many things you do in the beginning that may not seem important or important, but the more you do and the more confident you become that your work is actually important. But one thing I always say is “study film, you’ll be all right, it’s the most important thing on this planet.” I feel that that’s what I’m saying now even though no one’s ever asked me that.

AVC: I think we haven’t.

BV: I definitely do, and not only is it something that makes sense for me now to continue to learn a skill, but it’s also something that I think my work will help. There are just so many things I think that people should see that I don’t yet. So it’s something I still feel the need to do.


4. You’re a huge fan of John Carpenter. Do you guys watch any of his work anymore?

BJ: I didn’t, never have. I think his work is just one of a very few influences in the world. There are just so many different styles. There’s a lot of different styles that I really don’t watch, but I do always think of what Carpenter’s doing. I’d say the first one that I would watch is his remake of The Thing. His movie, it’s just one of a very very very very very few.

Haley Williams (Sandy) and Jeremy Kleiner (T-1000) in Total Recall (1990)

AVC: You’ve just signed on to direct a film about a robot, so the Terminator franchise is a big one. You guys both seem to be big fans. Do you watch the Terminator movies when you’re not writing your own?


BJ: Oh god no, so much. To actually watch that franchise and talk to people about it, even today, it’s amazing. Especially the people that actually had been involved. There are so many of them that can really give you something. It’s a wonderful franchise on top of the great movies that are in it, as well as the other movies they produce. It really is a great thing. To know that a franchise like that was made and continued by so many people, it’s just