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“I’ve tried to make this easy for myself, as you can imagine; it all depends on your size, your cargo and your power level. One of these days I think I’m going to drop it.” —Jedi Master Yoda on the Republic Fleet of light cruisers[11]

The Republic Heavy Cruiser, or the Light Cruiser for short, was a light freighter, armed with a standard turbolaser array mounted in its aft hull, along with a pair of ion cannons of similar caliber. It was a modified version of the heavy cruiser used by the Republic Navy, however it was lighter and faster.[4]

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Characteristics Edit
The Priority of Filmmaking - Storytelling Through Equipment

The heavy cruiser served a key role in the defense of the Coruscant system,[26] and was the backbone of their fleet.[27] They were also tasked with helping the Republic Navy maintain the fleet to provide a larger and more powerful air armada, due to their heavier hulls. Light Cruisers carried a large complement of troopers, most armed with standard lightsabers.[9]

In the Battle of Endor, which left the Republic Fleet in disarray, many of the heavy cruisers was stationed at Sullust before its capture by the First Order.[4]

History Edit

The Republic Heavy Cruiser was the design for the first light freighter produced by the Lusankya Corporation.[12] This was used by Jedi Master Nym as