How do actors get paid? – Independent Equipment Corporation

Actors can be paid for roles and also for their time, and the more time you have, the more you can charge if you are a “star.” The bigger the role, the more you can charge.

It is also important that the actor knows enough about the character or the character is a mystery.

You have to show them a lot of skin. That way they don’t think “I don’t want to work with him.” The less they see you, the better and the less they will feel “oh I don’t wanna work with this guy.” Also, you don’t want a bad actor to play good and make someone “work.”

If you have an actor who is a known bad actor, he will think: “Oh, I don’t wanna work with this guy,” so I try to not to have bad actors on the show.

Also, you are trying to have a good mix of actors, and you are trying to show them how the character does things. They think: “Oh, they won’t like me, and I don’t know about this. Let’s have a good mix of actors, and you can see the process.”

Do you make adjustments to their performance?

Yes, with actors if they make a mistake like, “Oh, I shouldn’t say that,” they don’t feel bad about it. But if the actor makes a mistake and the scene feels wrong, it changes the show dramatically.

Do you want to see an actor with an attitude issue? Or do you want it so that they have to be “nice” and “have manners?”

For an actor with attitude, you want them to be a nice character. If they don’t, you can see the dramatic twist. You don’t want an actor who thinks: “Oh, they don’t like me, so I’ll give them this bit.” You can see the change if you try to please them.

Also, if the actor is behaving in a very aggressive way, it doesn’t affect the drama as much if he or she is being nice.

How do you deal with actors who are “too nice”?

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You can have a problem if you have an actor who is not very good, so he or she is not able to be really good. If someone is not good, you want them to be nice. You want them to be a nice character.

You can have people with attitude problems. They are

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