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Animated films are made using a proprietary 3D technology that’s been perfected by Disney, Pixar and the ILM design company called ILMX. It’s a highly specialized piece of technology that makes it incredibly difficult to replicate in a production, and requires actors and crew to be flown in to Los Angeles and brought in to a special facility. The production company must also pay for their hotel rooms, meals, clothing, transportation and insurance.

Even at these very high prices, actors and crew work for peanuts, and it’s the difference between a successful film and a flop. For a small crew of three or four actors, it can cost up to $400,000 to produce and shoot a typical animated film.

While it’s much cheaper than it could be, the high costs of shooting animated films are one of the main reasons why Pixar has never managed to get the budget of Finding Dory to reach $200 million. Disney and Pixar aren’t going to start talking about getting on stage with the likes of Star Trek and Avatar on Kickstarter.

For more information on the costs involved in production, here’s a good explanation from Forbes.

Where can I purchase The Black Cowl of Nocturnal Animals from Amazon?

The Black Cowl of Nocturnal Animals was originally published at The book covers a broad range of topics including animating, film technology, economics, and more. The book features both short and extended sequences (approximately 400 pages), in an easy to follow flow.

When will you be releasing a video game based based on the Black Cowl of Nocturnal Animals?

Yes, in 2016. We’ve done numerous research and a lot of play. Our team have been working on our first prototype of a game. It has been designed to be a mix between Riven, a side scrolling side-scrolling action game, and the action/platformer genre. With both of its main characters being human and a female, all of the game mechanics are inspired by traditional games.

There are plenty of characters within the narrative and it is currently being developed by a very small band of talented volunteers. We need to raise about $5,000 (the goal) to make our first playable demo of the game and we plan on releasing the demo on our website and a number of other platforms shortly after the official release.

To learn more about our game and the challenges of bringing a game to market, check out our FAQ page.

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